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Matthew E.- "Highly recommend.Report is very specific, detailed, and expedient.Chris's knowledge of home improvement construction and renovation added a third dimension to my home buying process. Having experience completing similar projects to what I planned on for my home, I am proud to say that Scardaci Home Inspections heavily weighted on my final decision."

Hilda C.- "I have known this fine young man for several years and I highly recommend him. He has done work for my husband and I and we have not encountered a more hardworking and detailed individual in a very long time. Good luck Chris and congrats on your first successful year!!!"

Deirdre F.- "Chris is a very knowledgable home inspector and because of his construction background he can answer most questions on sight regarding repairs & costs"

Brian W.- "Years of housing market and real estate experience along with the knowledge that comes with it. Ensures every aspect of a dependable home is at the specified standard. Great customer support, along with the aforementioned experience and meticulous reviews is why Scardaci Home Inspections is top tier."

Michael S.- "Great attention to detail. Knowledgeable. Superior service. A true pleasure to deal with."

Shelley M.- "Found us a wonderful rental property and was there every step of the way! Thanks Chris"